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Oracle Unifier Configuration Specialist

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Posted: 01/27/23 Category: Government, Software/Application Development and Architecture Job Number: 19396

Job Description

Position:  Oracle Unifier Configuration Specialist
Location: Remote
Job Type: Contract
Duration: 12 Months to start

Scope and General Information
Our client is seeking a Technical Oracle Primavera Unifier Configuration Specialist to lead and assist in implementing, supporting, and maintaining Oracle Primavera Oracle Unifier. 

The candidate must have extensive experience in configuring the Unifier tool such as building & configuring business processes, workspaces, dashboards, and an understanding of RESTful Web Services.   Advanced experience in developing training courses and materials for the Oracle Unifier system.  

The key components for this project include:
Implementation Services
NOTE:  70% of the Business Processes are currently built.
The Technical Oracle Primavera Unifier Configuration Specialist will lead, perform, and execute the remaining efforts with assistance from in house staff.
  • Assessment of the Oracle Unifier current state, make recommendations, and make configuration changes as needed.  
  • Develop plans to add any additionally needed Oracle Unifier functionality
  • Conduct a discovery and design to identify new Oracle Unifier functionality
  • Leverage a proven implementation methodology covering the entire implementation life cycle
  • Configure and revised Oracle Unifier BPs, add new Oracle Unifier BPs into one standardize system
  • Provide an integration strategy for financial and other systems needing to encage information to Unifier.
  • Identity, design, configure and implement approximately 100 key Oracle Unifier reports and dashboards utilizing Oracle BI Publisher (BIP)
  • Coordinate and test the RESTful Web Services to and from Unifier
  • Assist staff to test and oversee acceptance of Unifier PMIS.
  • Provide training for personnel on using PMIS (including on-line training manuals, train-the-trainer sessions for supervisors/super users and dedicated help line for questions/trouble shooting). 

The Oracle Unifier PMIS is intended to:
  • Modify the existing Oracle Unifier BPs and expand the system functionality with additional Oracle Unifier BPs
  • Standardize the new Oracle Unifier PMIS to improve operational efficiency and team collaboration in a single system to manage a project from initiation thru closeout.
  • Tightly link elements of the cost management process and document management so all team members can quickly access project information.

Our client would like PMIS to be fully functional and available for Piloting ONE Construction project beginning in March 2023.    A full role out is expected 6-12 months thereafter.

Summary of Scope of Requested Services
Our client is looking to refine and expand the present Oracle Unifier PMIS software solution with consulting services and ongoing support in the following format, with deliverables for each task:
NOTE:  70% of the Business Processes are currently built.
The Technical Oracle Primavera Unifier Configuration Specialist will lead, perform, and execute the remaining efforts with assistance from in house staff.
  • Planning and Assessment
  • Discovery and Design
  • Configuration
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • RESTful Web Services (Lead efforts with Web Developer and Users)
  • Joint System Testing
  • Deployment
  • Ongoing Support

Company Background and Organization
Our client recently transitioned to a project management-based organization and is looking to modernize our current business processes and Project Management System.

Our current system, called the Project Management Portal (PMP), is a web-based project management system that is mostly used to manage the construction portion of our projects. Awarded bids are entered into the system with itemized cost breakdowns, progress payments are issued and tracked based on these breakdowns and work performed. Contractor Daily activities, shop drawings and RFI’s are also entered and logged by the system. The system is reliant on electronic tracking of paper-based materials. The intent of using Unifier is to update and modernize all our current business processes in the PMP. 

Unifier will be used to handle everything in the project delivery process. From hiring and managing design consultant contracts, managing the review of design submissions to inputting the results of construction bids to manage progress payments and managing construction projects through processing shop drawings, requests for information and change orders. Project Managers, Contractors, Design Engineers, and Resident Engineers will all be using the Unifier system to manage and contribute to projects from design through construction and final close out.

Consultant Experience must include the following:
  • A detailed description of any prior experience developing, establishing, managing, supporting or Oracle Unifier PMIS System services for public and/or private clients.
  • Use of Oracle Unifier, and P6 in-house capabilities to provide all requested services.
  • Any other relevant information which may demonstrate that the Respondent has: (I) a track record of successfully partnering with its clients to implement Oracle Unifier and achieve the goals set forth in the contract; (ii) a track record of successfully working with public sector entities; and/or (iii) experience, skills and competence in agile methodology.

PMIS System Requirements
General Requirements
This request for responses is for the Oracle Unifier Assessment and Implementation. 
Detailed requirements analysis.
  • Functional and technical design
  • Configuration
    • Setup and configure the Unifier software necessary to support business processes and cost management.
    • Business processes including but not limited to forms, workflow and at least 1 report/log for Ball in Court listings.
    • Cost Management including but not limited to cost worksheets, funding, budget, contracts, task authorization change management, internal cost, forecast, and payment requisitions.
    • Review the company’s system that require information sharing and leverage for future integration and other reporting needs.   

Testing including unit, system, and updates based on user acceptance testing.  Does not include the actual User Acceptance Testing tasks but will leverage the assistance of the Unit Testing Scripts created by proposer.

The company’s goals to improve the Oracle Unifier PMIS functionality include: The client’s governance and procedures are systemized in the new PMIS to improve operational efficiency; team collaboration in a single system to manage a project from initiation through multi-stage procurement, study, design, construction to closeout; configurable workflows  track responsibility, status, and action dates which are easily audited; tightly link all elements of the cost management process; and document management is centralized and well organized so all team members can quickly access project information.

The Oracle Unifier PMIS must support contracts used by the company which are Professional Services and Master Service contracts with task orders across multiple projects, Construction contracts, and Operational Services Division (OSD) contracts.  The proposed PMIS must provide modules for cost management including modules such as: Funding, Funding Change, Budget, Budget Change, Contract, Task Authorization, Change Order, Internal Cost, Forecast, and Payment.  The proposed system must be able to track costs and funding by phases. These modules must feed a Cost Worksheet with rows grouped by flexible cost codes and columns derived from cost record information and formulas which allow users to view and compare cost information.  The ability to configure cost validation rules must be provided.  For example, the payment request cannot exceed the contract value.  The ability to link cost records between modules must be provided.  For example, change orders and payments to their associated contract. 

Cloud based document management must be provided for individual projects and programs using a folder structure and metadata.  The proposed PMIS must provide a ball-in-court methodology to track workflow status of existing document processes including: Request for Information, Submittal Package, Submittal, Non-Compliance, Safety, Punch List, Daily Report.

The scheduling module must provide the ability to import project schedules into the system using the scheduling program’s native format.  The proposed PMIS should allow management of multiple schedules in one project and deployment of schedule templates with standard tasks and durations to projects.

The proposed PMIS must provide an ability to create and run custom reports by gathering data from different modules of the system.   Additionally, users must be provided the ability to easily create their own reports and export to multiple formats including PDF, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel.  The system must also provide dashboards for Executives, Manager, and Users.


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